The Slowcook at Spydog Farm The Slowcook at Spydog Farm

What’s for Breakfast: Fried Local Ham

July 25th, 2014 by Ed Bruske


We pulled another piece of ham from the chest freezer the other day for dinner. This is the pig our friend Mike raised, the ham prepared by a local processor. I put it in a pot with some chicken broth and baked it in a 350-degree oven until the internal temperature reached 140 degrees.

What could be simpler? Except my wife said it was overcooked. Or was the pig just not fatty enough? I admit, I’m all thumbs when it comes to cooking ham. How do you handle yours?

Dry or not, the leftover ham was just the thing for breakfast, browned in some bacon grease in the cast iron skillet and covered with fried eggs. There’s hardly anything better than fried ham dripping I with yolk from our own chickens.

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Our Boys

July 23rd, 2014 by Ed Bruske


Six weeks ago, we moved our Romney ram off pasture and into the permanent paddock after he escaped from behind temporary fencing where he was grazing with our female goats. He went a little stir crazy for a while, living all alone. But recently he finally got some company when we separated our boy Dorper lamb from the flock. He was starting to get a little too frisky with the girls.

Could this be the beginning of a ruminant bromance? I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I put the two together. I was a little concerned for the physical safety of the boy ram as he is so much smaller. There was some head butting at first. But mostly the bigger ram–Buddy–just followed his new companion around the paddock, attempting unsuccessfully to do what rams are designed to do.

Now the two just graze without any fuss and spend the worst of these hot summer days lazing around in the shade of the walk-in shelter.

Not to worry. Their time will come. Around Thanksgiving, we’ll be counting on these two to make some baby sheep.

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