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Kids Love Grass-Fed Beef

October 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Posted in kids, Sustainability

Would you pay 50 cents for a better burger?

Would you pay 50 cents for a better burger?

One way to improve school meals is to include more locally grown food, and apparently that doesn’t mean just local fruits and vegetables. In one school district in Oregon, they decided to switch out the commodity USDA burgers in the cafeterias with local, grass-fed beef and the results are now in: The kids loved it.

In taste testings comparing patties made with local beef with those from the federal commodities program the results were actually a tie. Apparently, kids have grown accustomed to all the chemicals and flavorings in the heat-and-serve government burger. The Oregon schools went ahead and introduced the local beef anyway–prepared from scratch in school kitchens–and it was a huge hit.

Turns out the problem with switching to burgers raised locally and sustainably on grass isn’t the flavor, it’s the cost. The USDA commodity burger is priced at  just 12.2 cents per patty, compared to nearly 60 cents for the local beef.

Once again, the best intentions rise and fall on the issue of money. Advocates of better school food everywhere are demanding, Show me the money! Maybe we should be asking, Where’s the beef?

Read the full story here.

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  • drewguy

    But the 12.2c patties support our hard-working farmers who have surplus beef! Oh the humanity!