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The Indestructible Vegetable Garden

May 26th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Posted in garden


My wife doesn’t play when it comes to designing raised beds for a vegetable garden. We’ll never have to worry about wooden structures rotting away because she hired a local builder to assemble our beds out of metal siding. A carpenter added the wood trim, giving us a place to sit while we putter with our seedlings in our dotage.

Yes, these beds should survive into the next millennium. They’re 18 inches deep, and that’s a lot. So we’re packing the bottoms with the bedding from the animal shelters. It’s full of manure and urine, which will break down over time and turn into lush soil. Then we layer a mound of topsoil and compost left by the previous owners and a truckload of fresh compost called Booth’s Blend from a local dairy farm.

What you see in the background are piles of tree branches and heavy vines we’ve started collecting from around the property to be ground up in the chipper to cover the garden paths. We purchased some portable fencing to keep the deers out (fingers crossed). Eventually, when the budget permits, we’ll want something more permanent. We’re hoping the local groundhogs are deterred by all that metal.

Just add seeds.

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