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Better Burger, No Bun

May 14th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Posted in Blog, dinner

We love the meat from our dairy

We love the meat from our dairy

Did you say meatless Mondays?

Hell no. Not in this house. We are firm believers that humans were designed to eat meat, and we get ours pasture-raised from our dairy, South Maintain Creamery, in Middletown, MD. The ground beef we use for burgers (it’s delivered, just like the milk and other dairy products) is a bit on the lean side. That’s to be expected from cows that spend much of their time foraging on pasture. Because the cows aren’t being fed an industrial diet of cheap corn and soy products, we get an added dose of beneficial omega-3 fats.

And notice there is no bun to mess up this burger with a jolt of insulin. It’s smothered in mozzarella cheese (foraged from the cheese bin), a thick slice of caramelized onion and a wedge of avocado. Sounds like a perfect trifecta to me. On the side is a zesty salad of spring greens fresh from the garden.

To make the burgers, I mix a pound of ground beef with about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoon of A-1 sauce, a shake of garlic salt, a shake of onion powder and a good grind of black pepper. They are then cooked in a heavy iron skillet over moderate heat with the cover on. Finally, a thick slice of mozzarella is laid over the top and they go under the broiler until the cheese is swooning.

Bon appetit!

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  • patpaquette

    WOW, thanks for this, Ed. I’ve done South Beach, where you eat just the hamburger patty with the salad, and it’s sooooo sad. This looks to die for.

    We are fortunate out here in the Puget Sound area to have Oregon Country Beef, raised by a co-op of honest-to-goddess cowboys in a sustainable manner, with no hormones or antibiotics. I stayed off red meat for years until I found these people, and my food life is much better as a result.

    Now, alas, if I could just find such a luscious recipe for my love life…

    P.S. Love your blog.