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Miracle Rosemary

May 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Posted in garden

Any hole in the wall will do

Any hole in the wall will do

 Here’s something my wife can get really excited about: watching the little rosemary plant grow out of the stone wall on our front stoop.

You might be wondering how a rosemary plant might have taken root in a crack in the wall. We’ve wondered the same thing. This is the general area of a cement newel post where my wife lays sprigs of rosemary she’s harvested from the garden, before she gathers them up and carries them into the kitchen. Her theory is, when she set a bunch of rosemary on the newel one day, a seed must have fallen into the crack in the wall.

Look how big and healthy it’s getting!

One year ago

One year ago

Here’s a picture of the same plant taken last year, when we first noticed it. How long do you suppose a plant like this will survive? Should we be watering it? I can’t help thinking how hard I’ve worked trying to grow rosemary from seed. Apparently, it’s so easy even a stone wall can do it.

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  • onebusymama

    Well that is very neat, Ed! I’ve tried Rosemary year after year and have had no luck with it (that along with a whole slew of herbs I have never been able to grow).