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And Now For The Bones

November 27th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Posted in Recipes

Somewhere there is a turkey carcass waiting to be turned into fabulous soup

Somewhere there is a turkey carcass waiting to be turned into fabulous soup

Wait! This is no time for the cook to rest on his laurels. Sure, you worked all day putting that feast together yesterday. You may feel like the kitchen is the last place you want to be. But if you were thinking, while everyone else zoned out in front of the television, you were scooping up the turkey carcass and all the assorted bones collected from the feasting table. And today your job is to turn those remnants into a sparkling broth that will be making more meals for days to come–or even months from now.

To get you started, here is my basic formula for turkey stock. And here is a simple turkey soup with wild rice. No doubt you also walked away from Thanksgiving with some leftover turkey. We have lots of uses for that as well. Freeze some, then turn your sites on dinner and this turkey-a-la-king over mashed potatoes. Another of our favorites is this turkey hash–perfect for breakfast with poached eggs.

Hopefully, you bought a turkey big enough to make all these leftovers.

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  • lyn122

    My turkey stock is cooking right now…and can’t hardly wait to make my turkey soup.

    I mix pork broth with chicken broth to make my Thai coconut soup. I have osteoarthritis and high gelatin broths from pork save me. But pork broth is way too strong to use straight. This way it’s wonderful. It’s my morning cuppa.

  • Sylvie

    That is – of course – an excellent advice: thrifty, nutritious, and tasty.

  • Jenny

    Out family tradition is to glean whatever meat is left off the turkey and make broth with whatever is left in the cooking pan while we digest…uhhh, make room for dessert. ; ) The roaster sits over 2 burners set on low overnight and we put up the broth in the AM.