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The Slow Cook Turns 3

February 16th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Posted in Blog

My favorite hat is now compost

My favorite hat is now compost

Happy birthday to me! We’re not a toddler any more, but actually three years old. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, it’s been three years already since we started The Slow Cook as a journal to record the adventures of growing an urban kitchen garden here in the District of Columbia, about a mile from the White House.

One thousand and seventy-six posts later, we are still going strong. Thank you readers for your support.

My very first post  was titled “Pantry Soup,” about making dinner out of things we had laying around. Three years later, we are still making dinner out of things we find laying around. We are either foraging out of the garden, or foraging from the fridge, or foraging from the pantry. Nothing fancy–just good, hearty food plus a little ingenuity as we try to be as frugal and self-sufficient as possible in the midst of plenty. Definitely, we are not trendy. Or maybe we’re trendy in a retro sort of way (see our “Manifesto” under the “About Ed” tab above).

I was writing much longer in 2007. Things were still new, and I was trying out my wings as an independent writer. I hope my posts have found a more manageable length. After all, nobody has the time or inclination to read every little thing I am thinking. Even I don’t have time for every little thing I’m thinking. Some of the other highlights:

Making our own sauerkraut. It’s so easy, and nothing could be better.

Learning to make authentic Texas chili.

Killing a pig and making sausage on our friend’s farm.

Starting our own chilaquiles brunch.

A raucous dust-up over the definition of chowder with another food blogger.

Spent a very hot week in Anguillacooking for someone else’s family reunion.

Started a big spat with neighbors over the use of leaf blowers and other two-stroke engines.

Ate mole in Oaxaca.

Made Indian pudding in Maine.

Learned to make our own fried green tomato BLT.

Made a video on composting for a national audience (check the “Video” tab above).

Perfected a recipe for sweet pickled green tomatoes.

Wrote for Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Butchered turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Lamented a $28 local pork butt

Made peanut butter whoopie pies.

Taught kids about nutrition labels.

Revealed the secret to the world’s greatest popcorn.

Described the method for making perfect deviled eggs .

And all that was just in the first year! Stay tuned. I’m sure there’s lots more to come.

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