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The Gift of Compost

March 1st, 2010 · 3 Comments · Posted in garden

When compost calls, we spring into action

When compost calls, we spring into action

I do a lot of foraging for compost ingredients. But sometimes compost comes from unexpected places.

Our friend Timothy and her housemates had been making compost in a Rubbermaid trash can using all their kitchen scraps. When it came time for them to move, Timothy asked me if I wanted  their compost-in-progress. Yesterday, while they were holding an indoor yard sale trying to unload all their other accumulated stuff, I drove over with my hand truck thinking we’d just hoist that trash can into the trunk of the car and haul it away.

Getting the can to the car was no trouble, although a trash barrel full of kitchen scraps can weigh quite a lot. But when we hoisted it up, we found that it didn’t exactly fit in the trunk of my Toyota Corolla. Fortunately, I found a stash of bungee cords under a jug of windshield wiper fluid and some grocery bags. These proved to be enough to secure the can tentatively in place while I gingerly drove it back home. I have to admit, the occasional speed bumps were a little scary.

Then picture me using all my weight to heave that can on the hand truck up a flight of steps and finally to our composting area. I have a three-bin system and always keep one bin empty for turning. I just tipped the can into the empty middle bin, knocked the pile down, then turned one of my own piles-in-progress into the middle bin to cover what Timothy had donated. In a few months, I figure, it will be ready to use in the garden.

At this point, there’s no heat happening in the compost I started last year. But it is swarming with earth worms. I hate to disturb them. But a composter has to do what a composter has to do. And can I just say, the sweet aroma of compost can mean only one thing: spring can’t be far beind.

Thanks, Timothy!

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  • k8zimm

    It’s a true friend that gives you their garbage.

  • Dr Susan Rubin

    Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of composting. In a few short months you’ll be very impressed with what happens.

    Here’s an idea:
    Why not get composting programs in every school as part of the Let’s Move initiative?

    Here’s something that could save schools money, teach kids valuable skills and create a source of nutrients for school and community gardens.

    Composting is a great example of applied science that could be easily integrated into core curriculum.

    School cafeterias would save money by not having to pay to haul away as much garbage. We all need to decrease our waste streams.

    Kids would become more conscious of our throw away society as they scrapped their scraps and would also be inspired as their food scraps transform into garden food.

  • keri

    “Fortunately, I found a stash of bungee cords under a jug of windshield wiper fluid and some grocery bags.”