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Get ‘Em Before They Bolt!

March 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Posted in garden

Already the mizuna is in a mood to replicate

Already the mizuna is in a mood to replicate

First thaw brings a minor miracle to the garden: the greens we planted last fall are bouncing back.

Mizuna, mustard, collards, tat soi. They are soaking up the sun and putting on new growth. But not for long. After their long winter nap, what these plants want to do is replicate. So they quickly elongate and make flowers. There’s only a brief period–a couple of weeks, maybe–that we can harvest and enjoy. The mizuna and mustard green leaves add a wonderful zing to salads.

Yesterday I foraged a big bowl full of  tat soi and stir-fried it in the cast-iron wok. Seasoned with a little rice vinegar, it was delicious. I was snacking on it before we could even get it to the table.

How do you like to cook your  tat soi?

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