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What’s for Dinner: Mixed Grill

July 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Posted in dinner

Easy way to a great meal

Easy way to a great meal

I was seized by an impulse to clean the deck this weekend and when the deck is fit to sit on, we want to eat there. Here’s one meal that requires little more than a bottle of wine: grilled local sausages consisting of a Italian rope delivered from the local dairy, plus brats and lamb merguez sausages from the farmers market.
Favorite steak for flavor: ribeye

Favorite steak for flavor: ribeye

A here’s or July 4 dinner: grilled ribeye steak and a salad of heirloom tomatoes, basil from the garden and shaved parmesan cheese.
Season the steak aggressively with salt and pepper while the coals are lighting. We like our steak thick–about 1 1/2 inches–which means placing it not to close to the coals and moving the meat around if the dripping fat causes flames. Getting the steak to proper doneness–medium-rare in our case–is a skill that can only be acquired with practice. Poke the steak with your finger: a medium-rare piece of meat will still have some give to it. Let it reset a few minutes before eating to allow the juices inside to redistribute.
The best sauce for this steak: a big pat of fresh, grassfed butter.

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  • Rick in Texas

    This sounds spot-on too Ed. Are you sure you aren’t from Texas? Guess good food is appreciated and learned to be served up everywhere.