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What’s for Lunch

July 9th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Posted in garden, Sustainability

Pervect lunch: dueling salads

Perfect lunch: dueling salads

Alaskan salmon salad with green salad from the garden.

I suppose you could make a gourmet version of this salmon salad using salmon fillet. But I’m usually on a budget and pick the canned salmon from Whole Foods. Salmon is rich in heart-healthy, Omega-3 fatty acids. But make sure the salmon you buy is from a certified sustainable fishery, which usually means Alaska.

I like to mix the salmon with celery, onions, capers and mayo. We harvested all of our salad greens from the garden a couple of weeks ago. They were wanting to go to seed in this recent heat wave. They are stored in the crisper drawer as we eat our way through them. In a perfect world, I would add half of a ripe avocado to this lunch: more healthy fat.

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  • buy meyer lemons

    Scrumptious and perfect for my budget. You mentioned sustainable fisheries. I like my Omega 3 and I love the taste and flavor of wild salmon and how healthy it is for us.

    But I’m worried about what’s ahead for Omega 3. I’m worried about salmon. I’m worried that the loss of salmon will drive up the price of fish oil and Omega 3. I read that salmon supplies are already diminishing at It says that the oceans are becoming more acidic and that this endangers the food that salmon feed on. What do you know about this? What can we do about it?