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Green Beans with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes & Basil

July 19th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Posted in garden, Recipes

Our latest favorite green bean dish with sirloin tip roast

Our latest favorite green bean dish with sirloin tip roast

With so many green beans in the garden, we’re still looking for new ways of preparing them. We like to toss them with sauteed cherry tomatoes. First, cut fresh green beans into one-inch pieces and cook in salted water until just tender. Drain and cover with cold water. Meanwhile, in a moderately hot skillet coated with olive oil, saute a clove or two of finely chopped garlic until soft. Add cherry tomatoes sliced in half and saute until they begin to soften.
Drain the green beans and add to the skillet. Season with salt and continue cooking until the beans are just the consistency you like. This should only take a couple of minutes. Take the skillet off the heat and toss in a handful of basil leaves, cut into chiffonade, as well as grated parmesan cheese or salted ricotta (ricotta salata).
We had this last night with a slices of sirloin tip roastau jus. The beans were irresistible. I was eating them later out of the fridge as a bedtime snack.
What’s your favorite way to eat green beans?

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  • Joanne Rigutto

    I like green beans with a vinegarette dressing. Boil till soft, drain and toss with dressing while warm.

    I also like them stewed with onion and bacon. Blanch the beans. Slice or chop onions and saute with bacon until the onions are soft. You can add a bit of butter but the bacon should provide all the fat you need. Add the beans and stew until the beans are very soft.

  • k8

    Pan fried in butter with garlic and red pepper flakes. Add a splash of toasted sesame oil just before they’re finished and viola! Perfection.

  • Cara Mae

    I made this green bean and almond soup the other night:
    I added a bunch of fresh basil and tarragon right before the last few pulses of the blender, and ate with sage-infused croutons. It was super.