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Spicy Cajun Pickles

August 20th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Posted in garden, Recipes

Pickles like you will never find in the store

Pickles like you will never find in the store

We look forward to these pickles every summer because they’re our daughter’s favorite and they really are spectacular. The way they’re made is a bit unusual, too. They’re lacto-fermented in a salt brine with a wee bit of vinegar and a heap of herbs and spices while in the jar. Then they’re moved into the refrigerator for a few days more to develop flavor. They will last several weeks that way, but ours are fairly quickly eaten. They’re hard to resist.

The one sticking point with this pickle recipe is a rather long list of herbs and spices. I’ve written about this before. Check out this earlier post, wherein I deconstruct some of the original instructions which called for all kinds of different commercial spice mixes (Cajun spices, Italian spices, pickling spices) that are merely blends of things you may already have in your pantry.

The original recipe also calls for red cherry peppers, in addition to a jalapeno pepper. But I already have a abundance of red-ripe jalapeno peppers, so I used those instead. Try it, and see if these aren’t some of the best pickles you’ve ever tasted, perfect next to a corned beef sandwich.

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