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Postcard from Collioure

October 18th, 2010 · No Comments · Posted in Travel

Make this my last meal on this earth

Here’s another excuse to eat and drink: Collioure, a small seaside town just this side of France’s border with Spain, a center for making a local fortified wine known as Banyuls as well as for artists and packing anchovies. I may have found my perfect meal here: fresh anchovies, fried calamari, Catalonian dried ham, tomato bread.

Banyuls, similar to port, is often made using a most curious method of pouring the wine into huge glass flasks and leaving these outdoors in the sun. Exposed to the elements, the wine oxidizes and caramelizes into liquid gold.

Collioure is also the training center for France’s national military commando squad. The trainees were climbing out of the water in their wet suits when we arrived, right in the middle of town.

But we were just here to walk the narrow streets and take in the sights, which include open vistas of the Mediterranean and of course waves crashing on the rocks. Take a look:

Doesn't get much more picturesque

Waves really do crash on the rocks

View of the coast: quite spectacular

At land's end, a crucifix

Bob horsing around

Lane horsing around

Ed horsing around

Walking the streets to work up an appetite

And to witness scenes like this

They really do pack anchovies here

Iniside the anchovy store

This was our real destination: lunch

Goodbye and au revoir, Collioure

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