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Thanksgiving Tomato Harvest

December 2nd, 2010 · 1 Comment · Posted in garden, Recipes

Almost December green tomato harvest

Strange weather we’re having.

Our tomatoes were too stressed by the hottest summer on record to make many tomatoes. But as soon as things started to cool down, they bounced right back. Shortly before Thanksgiving I finally decided it was time for the annual fall garden cleanup and began dragging the tomato plants to the compost pile. In the process, I collected about 12 pounds of green tomatoes.

What do you do with 12 pounds of green tomatoes? I chose to turn them into green tomato pickles, using this recipe for a savory pickle flavored with cinnamon and honey.

Now we have a huge container of pickles-in-progress on the kitchen counter. I’m guessing some of these will end up as Christmas gifts to friends.

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  • Sylvie in Rappahannock

    oh whoa, Ed! We have had weather in the low 20s a few times recently here – the tomatoes bit the dusts several weeks ago (I can’t say I was sad though: it was time to let them go). We still have a few ripening indoors.

    Your friends are lucky…