The Slowcook at Spydog Farm The Slowcook at Spydog Farm

We’re Profiled on Jamie Oliver’s Website

December 22nd, 2010 · 3 Comments · Posted in Blog

Photo by Jacqulyn Maisonneuve

A Google alert tipped me off this morning that the story of The Slow Cook–my story as accidental kitchen gardener, school food activist, blogger–was featured on Jamie Oliver’s website yesetrday. Actually, it’s a reprint of the article published by Organic Connection magazine, which I posted here earlier this week. Here’s the link to the Jamie Oliver site.

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  • Sue Parmet

    Congrats! Jamie sent out a tweet awhile back asking for recommendations for websites having to do with school food and I replied with a link to yours. I’m glad to see he found his way to you, whether or not I had anything to do with it!

    -An Slow Cook Fan

  • Ed Bruske

    Thanks, Sue. Jamie previously linked to our sister blog, Better D.C. School food, when we broke the story that D.C. schools were eliminating flavored milk. Over the months, I’ve also been working with some of Jamie’s people behind the scenes on a variety of issues. So they do know who I am, and I, of course, know who Jamie is.

  • Mendy Heaps