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Remembrance of Green Beans Past

January 28th, 2011 · No Comments · Posted in dinner, Recipes

A favorite: green beans with anchovies

Last night we reached into the freezer to turn a simple chicken dinner into something memorable. Under the ice cubes was a bag of heirloom Italian green beans–our favorite variety–that I harvested and froze from our garden over the summer. They’d been blanched before going into the freezer. To bring them to the dinner table, all I had to do was turn them into a pot with a bit of water and steam them until tender. Meanwhile, I sauteed some garlic in olive oil, then “melted” a can of anchovies in the oil. Toss in the steamed green beans and you are transported back to those halcyon days of summer.

A big, pastured roasting chicken from our dairy came out of the oven stuffed with lemon and sage. We took all this to our friends Shelley and John’s house for a simple dinner where they supplied a terrific bottle of Cabernet, leftover mashed potatoes, a fresh salad and a box of Sees chocolates recently purchased in San Francisco for dessert.

What could be better?

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