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Daughter Makes Scampi

November 15th, 2013 · No Comments · Posted in dinner, Recipes


One of the best features of our local food co-op is the seafood that’s trucked in fresh from Boston each week. We get an email of the options and choose what and how much we want.

Unfortunately, our 13-year-old daughter has a pretty universal reaction to things that swim. “I don’t like fish.” About the only sea creature she’ll eat other than calamari is shrimp. She recently tried her first oyster. But she was game. “I’ll make scampi!” she volunteered.

She was completely in charge–almost. I had to shell the jumbo shrimp. But she boiled the pasta and then cooked the shrimp. A big glob of butter in a heavy skillet, saute some finely chopped garlic, add some olive oil and the shrimp, toss. “The shrimp cooks really fast,” she observed.

I encouraged her to continue cooking the shrimp until there were no translucent parts left. I helped drain the pasta and we tossed it in the pan with the shrimp to coat it with all the delicious, garlicky fat. Then onto the plates.

The parsley garnish was my idea. I don’t normally eat pasta, but this I could not resist.

Bon appetit!

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