The Slowcook at Spydog Farm The Slowcook at Spydog Farm

Farm on Ice

December 31st, 2013 · 2 Comments · Posted in farming, Weather


It snowed, it rained, then the bottom dropped out of the thermometer. Everything is coated in ice around here. Even the sheep and the Jersey heifer decided it was safer lying in a pile of hay than trying to walk in their frozen pasture. They look pretty funny, slowly picking their steps.

Still, work on the farm goes on. I’d be sunk if I didn’t have cleats for my boots. Every step is a crunchy one. Thank you, Yaktrax!

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  • barbara

    I know your yaktraxs are great as I had a pair when I lived in Michigan — but in case you have a pair of old golf shoes they do a better job yet. After my father fell in his drive on the ice in MI he would put on his old gold shoes for stability on the ice. You sure have a lot of ice as shown in your photo! — barbara

  • Ed Bruske

    Barbara, they’d have to be very old golf shoes cause they don’t make them with metal spikes any more far as I know. I think my Yaktrax are easier. I don’t see golf shoes in the snow.