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Our Eggs at the Food Co-op

January 22nd, 2014 · 1 Comment · Posted in farming


Our 27 Rhode Island Red hens started laying eggs for the first time in the fall and they have not let up. That creates one small problem: what to do with all those eggs? They were piling up in the fridge faster than we could eat them or give them away.

We’ve had some success selling eggs to friends. But yesterday I scored a major coup. The local food co-op agreed to put 10 dozen of our eggs on display at $2.75 each.

Well, that might cover the cost of feed. Meanwhile, one of our other customers yesterday circulated an e-mail at work and reports his co-workers will buy the remaining 10 dozen in our fridge–and more if we can manage.

Suddenly, we may not have enough eggs to satisfy demand.

Chickens are supposed to lay fewer eggs in winter when the days get shorter. I’m guessing our chickens are so prolific because they are new layers. Does this mean we’ll need to add more hens in the spring to supply our clients with eggs next winter? And how do you introduce new birds to a flock that travels in a mobile coop?

There are always new problems to solve on the farm.

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  • Sophia Katt

    Wow, is $2.75 market price for farmers’ market quality eggs in your hood? They go for $6 a dozen here in Seattle…