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Fried Chicken Caesar Salad

January 27th, 2014 · No Comments · Posted in Recipes


Our 14-year-old daughter will only eat salad one way: Caesar. Consequently, we are constantly looking for new ways to present this venerable dish. Here’s a new one: Caesar with home-made chicken nuggets.

We took a big, fat chicken breast half, cut it into (large) bite-size pieces and breaded it. Then into our deep-fat fryer the chicken went and within minutes we had these gorgeous nuggets with which to top our salads.

The process is embarrassingly simple. Cut 1 pound chicken breast into nuggets and cover in a bowl with buttermilk. Set aside. Meanwhile, in another large bowl, mix together 1 cup corn meal and 2/3 cup all-purpose flour. Season with salt and other flavorings, such as garlic salt and paprika. We chose daughter’s favorite seasoning: Old Bay.

Heat your fry oil to 350 degrees. This can be done in a large, heavy pot. Just remember not to fill the pot more than half-way so it doesn’t boil over. As I said, we own a small, electric deep-fryer, so we used that.

Then, in batches, toss the marinated chicken pieces in the corn meal mix and gently lower into the fry oil. They will bubble furiously. Cook just a minute or two, or until the chicken is golden. Remove to a sheet pan covered with paper towels to drain.

While you are frying the chicken, have daughter prepare the Caesar salad. Croutons and grated Parmesan cheese are great additions to the lettuce and dressing. Garnish with the fried chicken and serve.

Daughter not only loved the salad, but proceeded to explain how healthy it was because it contains most of the major food groups. Can you name them? There’s even fish, if you count the anchovies in the dressing.


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