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Holy Socks!

October 24th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Posted in farming


If you have any thoughts at all about taking up farming, make sure you’re sock drawer is well stocked.

I do a lot of walking around the property in the course of a day’s chores. Pretty soon, this is what my socks start to look like.

I’m always looking for a brand of work socks that stand up to this kind of wear. Any suggestions?

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  • Mary W

    I don’t have any suggestions for socks, but if you have a Clarks shoe store anywhere around, they have a lifetime guarantee on socks. It’s a gimmick to get you in the store, but when I need socks, I usually need shoes, too.

  • Ed Bruske

    Great tip, Mary. The shoes I wear are a pair of Skechers with heavy tread I got at a thrift store in DC and they’ve held up unbelievably well. Or, if it’s wet, Muck boots. So I don’t do much shoe shopping in the usual places

  • Long Days Farm

    I’ve had good luck with Wigwam heavy ragg socks and Acorn fleece socks, though the latter don’t breathe as well. Darn Tough Vermont socks are pricy, but they stand by their lifetime guarantee. You can get them at Family Footwear in Bennington. But the best place to get socks is Sam’s in Brattleboro, and there’s lots of good food nearby too. Good luck!

  • Ed Bruske

    Thanks for the great tips