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The Road to Salsa Verde

September 7th, 2015 · No Comments · Posted in Recipes


My wife is harvesting a bumper crop of tomatillos in her first year of raised bed plantings here at Spy Dog Farm. They look like green tomatoes, and are part of the nightshade family, but Physalis philadelphica is actually related to the gooseberry and comes in a papery husk that looks like a Chinese lantern.

When green, the tomatillo is fairly bitter, but it becomes more golden as it matures and takes on a bit of sweetness. They have all sorts of uses–in sauces and classic Mexican green mole. Our favorite is a green salsa over chilaquiles, the traditional Mexican brunch of fried leftover tortillas.

After removing the tomatillos from their husks, roast them with some garlic and jalapeno chilies under the broiler. Finish in a blender with onion and cilantro, or just follow this simple Rick Bayless recipe.

And if you don’t care to make chilaquiles, just open a bag of tortilla chips and have at it.


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