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We bought another half-pig from our friend Mike recently and dove right in. We’ve got two slabs of belly curing in the fridge for bacon, and the other night I made one of our all-time favorite pork roasts–a big butt slow-cooked with cabbage, sauerkraut, carrots, caraway, sage, rosemary, bacon, dark beer and above all paprika.

Paprika with roast pork? You’d be most pleasantly surprised. Even better, we used our smokey Spanish paprika which takes the roast to a whole other level. I’ve posted about this recipe twice before. Here’s the original, and here’s an update with some improvements.

The juices from this roast are so good you must serve something to soak them up. Enter a celery root (celeriac) and potato mash. My wife planted both in our new raised beds here at Spy Dog Farm. She harvested a boat load of celery root. If you’re not familiar. the stems and leaves look a bit like parsley on steroids. The root part is pretty gnarly, creamy white and about the size of a large turnip. The flavor is unique: pleasantly earthy with a little bitterness.

The Europeans like to cut celery root into skinny julienne and turn it into a creamy salad. Clean it up, cut into large dice and it cooks easily in some salted water. Cook potatoes separately, then combine and mash as you would normally with some cream and butter.

With any luck, you’ll have lots of leftovers.

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