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Stock from Chicken Feet

November 15th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Posted in Recipes


Listen up, Americans. This is why the rest of the world loves its chicken feet: It makes some of the best stock you’ll ever taste.

We saved 27 pairs of feet from our most recent Freedom Ranger harvest. My wife scalded the feet in a pot of 160-degree water. Then we peeled them. That part’s a little time consuming. A thin layer of skin pulls off. So does a layer of shell covering the toenails.

Cook the feet in slowly bubbling water overnight, or for about 12 hours. You can skim the fat if you like, but we leave it in.

So much flavor, so little time.

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  • Mary K

    I cared for a Chinese patient whose wife (who didn’t speak English) brought the soup in to help heal her husband. She brought in soup for the staff, too.

  • Celia

    I can’t recall where I heard this, but apparently stock made from an animal’s feet contains something that is like antibiotics – that’s why chicken soup (made including the feet) is Jewish penicylyn and calf’s foot jelly is Mrs Beeton’s ‘Invalud food’.