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March 22nd, 2020 · No Comments · Posted in Blog

Sunday means fresh donuts around our small town as the King family wheels their bakery cart out to the sidewalk on Main Street. But today we found something different. First, there was a hand sanitizing station available for customers and red lines had been spray-painted on the walkway to keep people a safe distance apart. And there was something else: a second wagon the Kings loaned to Round House Bakery–our local cafe–where owners Scott and Lisa offered fresh breads and frozen goods.

Round House had briefly remained open for take-out orders after the pandemic struck but this week closed completely and laid of its staff. So Scott and Lisa have been looking for a way to make some sales. Partnering with the ever-popular Sunday donut operation seems like a good bet.

Even in 21-degree weather, a line had formed at 8 a.m. There were also stacks of boxed pastry pre-orders on the front porch. My wife and daughter got a bunch of their favorites–meltaways, glazed donuts and bismark–some for now, some to freeze.

So if you’re reading this Sunday morning, do hurry down and support two local Cambridge institutions: King’s Donuts and Round House Bakery.

Here’s the Round House menu:


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