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A Fine Day for a Slaughter

August 6th, 2017 by Ed Bruske

Andrew’s back!

Our opera-singing friend this year performs as the snake oil salesman in “L’elisire d’Amore” (The Elixir of Love)  at  Hubbard Hall and he hasn’t lost his magic touch with our Freedom Ranger broilers.

For some reason, opera singers are especially adept at eviscerating chickens. Maybe it’s the controlled breathing. Andrew showed his skills last time he was here two years ago, and this year he didn’t miss a beat when it came time for the July harvest.

We typically market 50 Freedom Rangers each month June through October. From the time they arrive here as baby chicks until they are bagged and offered for sale, our broilers are raised entirely by hand on green pasture with supplemental non-GMO feed from a local grower. When the time comes, we process by hand as well: I’m in charge of killing and plucking; my wife handles the eviscerating and final detailing. Clients often comment on how beautiful our finished birds truly are.

Andrew stays with us for almost a month rehearsing and performing the annual opera. In addition to helping Lane with eviscerating, he lends a hand daily feeding and watering the chickens and moving them to fresh pasture. It’s a great relief. If only he didn’t have to leave so soon.

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July 2nd, 2017 by Ed Bruske


My wife planted three 8-foot rows of strawberries last year and now we are harvesting buckets of strawberries.

In fact, we can’t eat them fast enough. Most are going into the freezer.

My genius spouse selected varieties that will keep us in berries till fall. There’s Earliglow, which, as the name implies, starts making berries in spring. Cavendish is an “early mid-season” bearer. Then there’s Mara des Bois, a so-called ever-bearing strawberry that labors on through the end of summer.

Still, the strawberry expert is not satisfied. She intends to plant additional rows with additional varieties that will fill any gaps in the calendar that might exist. In other words, excepting those months when the farm is covered in snow, we will be eating strawberry shortcake till our stomachs burst.

But wait! Since we have all those frozen strawberries, there’s no reason we can’t pig out on them all winter long.

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