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New School, With Uniform

August 29th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Posted in kids

Daughter likes her new school uniform

Daughter likes her new school uniform

Here’s a subject that doesn’t get talked about much: What’s it like being the only white kid in your class in an inner-city public school?

From my days as  a reporter for the Washington Post I distinctly remember writing a story about race relations in the public schools and interviewing white parents who described the problems their children had as they approached puberty. In most cases, they had found alternative schooling. So we’ve always been a bit apprehensive about what would happen to our own daughter who now is almost in double digits.

Beginning when she was 3, daughter had attended a nearby charter school here in the District of Columbia. Even though she was one of only two white kids in the whole school (population started around 120, but has been shrinking every year), she thrived. But in the last couple of years she complained more and more about taunts and bullying from the other kids, who are predominantly black. They called her “snowflake” and “white girl.” A particular sticking point seemed to be the clothes our daughter wore to school. Let’s just say she has  a unique fashion sense.

This year we decided–regrettably–that she just could not continue at that school. So we enrolled her in our neighborhood elementary  school, which had been closed while it underwent extensive renovations. In fact, it’s essentially a new school, with impressive facilities–brand new playground, gymnasium, even garden beds. The school population is several hundred, and she’s still one of just a handful of white kids. The demographic at this school is predominantly Hispanic.

But a major change is that this school requires a uniform: white tops and blue bottoms. So no more issues with clothes. Daughter seems to have embraced the idea. She’s been shopping like mad for different tops and different bottoms. A girl has to put her stamp on things, after all. And so far, she is loving her new school.

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  • Pattie

    What a terrific photo, Ed. I love photos from the back, and have a massive collection of them myself!

    I’m interested in hearing how your daughter does. I’m guessing she is going to thrive.

  • Ed Bruske

    Pattie, I like the from-behind photos lots as well. They definitely have a poetry about them. There’s also a practical reason–not to advertise the family so much to strangers, especially the young ones.