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Oh, Boy! More Spicy Cajun Pickles!

August 29th, 2009 · No Comments · Posted in garden, Recipes

A pickle that bites back

A pickle that bites back

Do you like a spicy pickle? Our 9-year-old daughter especially likes a pickle with a little kick. Go figure. So this particular pickle has become one of our favorites. It gets the “Cajun” moniker because you can use just about every spice under the sun, but especially Italian seasonings and parika and hot pepper.

This is a lacto-fermented pickle, just like the deli-style pickles we make except that instead of fermenting the cucumbers in a bucket, they go directly into quart-sized jars and sit on the kitchen counter for a few days while the bacteria work on them. The brine–just salt and water– is also a little saltier than what we normally use. But you don’t really notice the saltiness with all the other spices.

When the pickles have fermented to your liking, you simply screw on the caps and place them in the refrigerator. Refrigeration slows the fermentation to a slow crawl so that the pickles will keep–crisp and delicious–for several weeks. Here’s the complete recipe.

You’ll want one every day. And I’m betting daughter will want some packed in her school lunch.

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