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We Were #3 At Garden Rant

January 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Posted in garden

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The new year brought a surprising revelation: my guest post questioning the current model for community gardens came in third place for the year at the internationally renowned Garden Rant blog. That would be in terms of the number of comments the post elicited from readers. My reward: the “Top 10 Garden Ranter” badge you see above.

I was called everything from a pinko commie to a dictatorial Nazi for suggesting that public lands–especially urban green spaces–might some day soon be too valuable to simply give away to individual gardeners. Perhaps we could grow more food if we treated this acreage more like a farmer would.

Turns out that many gardeners are stubborn individualists. They don’t like my idea of sharing the bounty, or even the suggestion that someone might tell them they should be planting more shell beans and fewer zinnia. But as my wife never ceases to remind me, it is, after all, public land. So if you do go back to read the post, be sure to check out the comments as well. You can go here if you want to know all 10 of the year’s top Garden Rant posts.

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