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What’s for Breakfast: Crabcake & Poached Egg

March 19th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Posted in breakfast

Poached egg nesting on a crab cake

It hardly seems possible, but we actually had crab cakes left over from dinner the other night. My wife makes the best crab cakes. Her secret: homemade bread crumbs and a bit of mayo in the mix. Plus, she’s ever so adept around a frying pan.
Any kind of leftovers are fair game for breakfast. I found that the crab cakes make a perfect nesting site for poached eggs. This time of year, we are also celebrating last year’s greens that are making a comeback in the garden. We love the month of March, because the garden comes full circle. The same time we are planting seeds, we are eating the remains of a garden that is mustering its last bit of strength to make more seeds. Our favorite arugula and mizuna and mustard greens are already getting tall and flowering.
And already we have some fresh chives to sprinkle over our poached egg.

Crab cakes handled with care fry up golden

Here you can see my wife’s deft work with the crab cakes.

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