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What’s for Breakfast: Tongue with Green Mayo

April 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Posted in breakfast, garden

Our favorite mayo with spring herbs

Regular readers already know how much I like beef tongue brined and boil. I make it on a regular basis with the tongue we order from our local dairy, Smith Mountain Creamery, which keeps its own beef herd in addition to its dairy cows.

I happen to love tongue for breakfast next to a fat cheese omelet laid over zesty greens from the garden (the ones that have overwintered–arugula, mizuna, mustard). But now that it’s spring, we’re also starting to make our favorite green mayo with fresh herbs. It pairs well with the tongue, but also works as a dip for crudites–perfect for your next asparagus purchase. Just poach the asparagus and display it at room temp as an hors d’oeuvre with green mayo on the side.

I make the sauce with a mortar and pestle, starting with a clove of garlic and a half-teaspoon of salt. Grind until the garlic is liquid. Then add small fistfuls of your favorite herbs–tarragon, mint, dill, for instance. I especially like anise hyssop for his, but you may have trouble finding it unless you grow it yourself. Grind the herbs well, adding a splash of extra-virgin olive oil to lubricate, then mayo–about half a cup or more to taste. Season with more olive oil, lemon juice, rice vinegar and a bit of sweet mirin to take the edge off.

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  • Ivana Kadija

    This sounds awesome! Being of eastern european origin, tongue is just another meat. We used to have it in a delightful thick tomato-based sauce over potato dumplings. Heaven. Have made the brined/boiled tongue on a couple of occasions, but had trouble getting the girls and hubby to have more than a taste and I could only eat so much. Maybe the green mayo would entice them! For variety you might also want to check out the excellent recipe for a traditional Green Sauce in The Whole Beast – Nose to Tail Eating. Secret weapons – anchovies and capers. A taste explosion.

    Incidentally we stopped by at La Michoacana for tacos yesterday and the tongue ones were the best! Even my 7 year old loved them.