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Eggs And Mean Greens

May 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Posted in breakfast, garden

Try greens with eggs instead of toast

Try greens with eggs instead of toast

What? You never heard of eggs with greens?

Since we are no longer eating starchy carbohydrates this is my preferred way to serve eggs for breakfast. The greens do an excellent job of sopping up the yolks. And this time of year we get an extra kick–a spicy zing–from brassica greens such as mizuna and mustard.

Unfortunately, the brassicas we planted in March have already bolted. I spent a day harvesting them all–just pulling the plants out by the roots–then sitting on my rear end for hours picking through the edible leaves. I’ve been eating them as fast as possible before they have a chance to go bad in the fridge. Not fast enough, I’m afraid. I tossed the last of arugula into the compost pile yesterday. Today it was the mizuna.

Such is the gardener’s life. Plant seeds, wait, harvest like mad, eat like crazy, compost.

But there’s a never-ending supply of greens in the garden. The lettuces have reached full flower–so to speak–and a new crop of mustards and collards is catching up fast. Soon it will be time to start putting some of those greens in the freezer.

Meanwhile, the cilantro is up to its usual cruel tricks. Just when it was looking gorgeous and ready to make a fine guacamole, it decides to bolt overnight. In this part of the country, it’s impossible to keep cilantro long. We just have to plant more.

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  • TheNaturalCapital

    Mmm, we’ve been doing the same thing. Plus I have a big bouquet of cilantro flowers on the kitchen table. It is one of my gardening heartbreaks that we never have cilantro and tomatoes at the same time. How do they do it in Latin America, where they certainly have just as much heat as we do?