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Squash Carpaccio

July 8th, 2009 · No Comments · Posted in garden, Recipes

Thinly sliced squash, goat cheese, fresh oregano

Thinly sliced squash, goat cheese, fresh oregano

My wife is not a big zucchini fan, but on occasion I am able to entice her with our favorite Italian summer squashed sliced thinly and served raw with a seasonal dressing of goat cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs, such as oregano or mint or basil. Or maybe all three. Don’t feel constrained. This is simply an inspiration for using your freshest summer ingredients out of the garden.

We love the “Costata Romanesca” squash for its deep ribs and alternating stripes of dark and light green. This year has been somewhat problematic. We planted the squash early (remember the cloches?), then got zapped with weeks of rain and cool weather. Many squashes have withered away from some kind of fungus. Now the plants are giants, but we are finally seeing some edible squash.

Sometimes we make a big platter of squash carpaccio for a buffet. Recently, it was a wonderful side to a takeout order of pork carnitas and salsa.

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